With our choice wines, we serve a modernized traditional cuisine in which fine ingredients and careful preparation combine to create a full range menu – from hors d'œuvres to main courses to dessert.

Changing seasonal specialties complement our regular menu.


Olives and pepperoni marinated in garlic herb dressing 7,50 €
Toasted garlic bread 4,50 €
Liver pâté with green pepper and homemade Cumberland sauce 13,50 €
Parma ham (prosciutto) and assorted cheese platter, baguette and butter 16,80 €


Salad with sheep milk cheese, olives and peppe 13,80 €
Salad with marinated prawns (shrimp) 17,50 €
Salad with strips of roasted chicken breast, bacon and onions 14,80 €


Warm goat cheese with thyme, honey, olive oil and baguette 14,80 €
Sour milk cheese (regional specialty) in Riesling with bread & butter 6,80 €
Baked sheep's milk cheese, side salad and cranberries 14,80 €

Main courses

Frankfurt's typical green sauce (from seven herbs) served with eggs and pan-fried potatoes 12,50 €
Swabian pasta (spaetzle) and cheese with crispy-roasted onions, side salad 12,80 €
Baked potato and herbal sour cream with side salad 9,00 €
Baked potato and herbal sour cream
with fresh pan-fried vegetables
13,80 €
Baked potato and herbal sour cream
with chicken breast
15,80 €
Baked potato and herbal sour cream
with marinated prawns (shrimp)
17,50 €
Homemade Swabian ravioli (maultaschen) with mushroom cream sauce 15,20 €
Grilled salmon fillet on seasonal vegetables 21,50 €
Scampi sautéed in tomato-garlic oil, served with baguette 22,50 €
Homemade Pfälzer sausage with pan-fried potatoes 13,50 €
Homemade veal sausages with pan-fried potatoes 13,80 €
Homemade Mediterranean wild sausage stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes and mozzarella, pan-fried potatoes 15,50 €
Homemade lamb sausages with pan-fried potatoes and homemade fig mustard 18,50 €
Leg of lamb Provençale with rosemary potatoes 21,50 €
Grilled Argentinian beef rump steak with pan-fried potatoes 23,50 €
Saddle of veal steak with dijon mustard sauce and pan-fried potatoes 24,50 €
Beef stew with Swabian pasta (spaetzle) 16,20 €
Pork schnitzel with fries 14,80 €
Pork schnitzel with Frankfurt's typical green sauce and pan-fried potatoes 16,80 €
Chiken schnitzel with a creamy mushroom sauce and pan-fried potatoes 16,50 €
Viennese schnitzel (veal) with pan-fried potatoes and cranberries 21,50 €

Regional classics

Pork knuckle, homemade regional sausages, sauerkraut and pan-fried potatoes (serves two) 38,00 €
Traditional beef roll (stuffed with bacon, onions, pickled cucumbers) with red cabbage and dumplings 17,80 €
German sour beef in red wine sauce with red cabbage and dumplings 17,80 €
Pork shoulder (boiled) with sauerkraut and bread 18,60 €

Side dishes

Pan-fried potatoes / French fries / Various sauces 4,50 €
Small mixed salad / Pan-fried vegetables 5,00 €
Breadbasket 2,50 €


German red fruit pudding with vanilla ice-cream 6,00 €
Warm apple strudel with vanilla ice-cream 6,50 €
Chocolate soufflé with berry sauce 7,80 €